Want to log a history of your locations?

It’s REALLY easy with shell scripts!

Copy this shell script into Text Editor:
echo $(date) $(defaults read com.andrewjfreyer.AirportLocation CurrentLocation) >> LocationLog.txt
Save it as “LogLocations.sh”
Then, add a Shell Script to a Snapshot.
sh /Path/to/LogLocations.sh
Then you will have your locations logged, with a timestamp!
  1. Sure!Just change the ">> LocationLog.txt" part of the shell script to:"/Path/To/Dropbox/LocationLog.txt"make sure to enclose it in quotes!

  2. Also, in 0.5083 (mid-May probably) I'm adding a location log iCal calendar. It'll show you where you've been and for how long!

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the quick response.

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