Bug Report… FIX: Try Deleting your Preferences

If you have upgraded and are experiencing issues, it’s possible that the Actions list is the problem.

/~~YOUR USERNAME~~/Library/Preferences/com.AirportLocation.Actions.plist
You may either delete this file and start fresh or you may delete the location section within the file that you are experiencing crashes on.
If you’re using version 0.6… delete these files:
  1. Since I last updated I cannot run AirportLocation. It just freezes. The icon on the menu bar is red and I can't click on it. I have to keep force-quitting the process in Activity Monitor.I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling both the the alpha version and the latest stable build, but I have the same results.

  2. The latest stable build and the latest alpha (0.60009) are completely different. If both are freezing, the problem may not be with AL. However, that being said, the new version has different files to delete:com.andrewjfreyer.AirportLocation.plistcom.andrewjfreyer.AL-Snapshotscom.andrewjfreyer.AL-WifiHistorycom.andrewjfreyer.AL-EthernetHistoryDoes the problem persist after deleting these files on the most recent version 0.60009? We can try and debug this problem by emailing me at airportlocation @ gmail

  3. There was actually a bug that was preventing AL from loading properly if upgrading from a previous version. It should be addressed in this current version: 0.60010./-Thanks for the report!

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