Bug – Skype Doesn’t Work Ideally

Many of you might see these messages continue to pop up:

Unfortunately this is expected behavior. Skype’s most recent version ( broke the API for mac. They have not yet fixed it, nor have I found another solution besides applescript. Skype thinks there is a security issue with allowing applescript to “always” have access to it, so it is documented behavior that Skype will ignore your response to this message.

Skype hasn’t attempted to fix any of these problems since 2005… Ugh.

Only if you keep Skype open at all of your locations will you not see that error message (closing Skype requires a new authentication).

There is another method that I have found… it is a bit hacky and backdoor and is completely non-ideal. I have been successful at setting the status message only with a direct copying and pasting of the contents of an obfuscated skype database file. I would not be able to read this file which means that the user could not see (in the Snapshot menu) what the status actually was…

So there are several non-ideal solutions, and Applescript is just the simplest one for now… Apologies for the inconvenience.

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