Upcoming Feature … Security Mode

Thanks to an inspired suggestion from AL user James, I’m in the process of adding a security feature to AL. Here is an outline of how I am going to make this work:

“Security Mode” is active
(1) User sleeps the laptop at a known location
(2) Before sleep, screen saver password is enabled, screen saver is activated.
(3) Computer sleeps normally
… time passes …
(4) Computer awakes, shows the screen saver login page. Immediately, AL begins determining location (in the background behind the screen saver).
(5) It will take anywhere from 2-10 seconds to determine the location (just like normal)
(6) If we’re at an undetermined location, wait for an additional 5 seconds for the user to enter the password.
(7) If the user is at an undetermined location AND the user has not entered a password (the screen saver is still active), then force a log out, ignoring application prompts.

(8) AL hooks into invalid login attempts now, and can do an action (haven’t decided what), each time an invalid password is entered.

    • Brian
    • July 1st, 2010

    suggestion on #8. have it send you an email

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