New Release … 0.60065

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0.60062 – Major update with security features

0.60063 – Updated to fix some issues with “(null)” shown on foreign addresses.

0.60064 – Updated to fix some issues some users were having with disabled snapshot elements.

0.60065 – I mistakenly enabled a feature that is not quite ready for prime time. Disabled again.

Updated to add some very basic security features. If you’re going to use these features, please read this entire post. If you have any questions, feel free to

comment here or on twitter, or send an email to airportlocation at gmail.

Ok, “Lock System after Incorrect Password” requires explanation…

  1. First, “Ask for Password Immediately” should be enabled. Preference > Security PrefPane > General Tab
  2. Now, when the login window shows up (after screensaver or on wake), the user should enter the password.
  3. If the password is incorrect, Airport Location begins a silent 10 second count.
  4. If the correct password is not entered within 10 seconds:
  5. Keychain is LOCKED
  6. Firewall is TURNED ON
  7. Active Account is SUSPENDED (show the “login” window instead of the screensaver password dialog)

The reason that I suspend the active account is that a nefarious person might just shut down the computer – suspending the account will insure that a password is required even on a hard reboot.

DISCLAIMER – This is beta software. I am providing it without warranty of any kind, including but not limited to the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Basically, use Airport Location at your own risk.

I have only run into a few anomalies with very specific situations. If your screen goes black, with only a cursor the password window has hidden, but it will still accept text. Type your password and press enter.

Now, with the expectation that some of you would want to run a script, I have included that feature too – but only by preference file editing. I might include a gui script selection, but for now, this is all I have time for.

To add a script:

Open Terminal: /Applications/Utilities/


defaults write com.andrewjfreyer.AirportLocation “Incorrect Login Script Path” “/Applications/Utilities/AppleScript/BadLoginScript.scpt”

There are any number of things that you could run with this applescript hook into invalid logins. You would be able to take screenshots, pictures with iSight, send an email… whole bunch of things.

I’m sure everyone would appreciate it if you come up with great script, you could post it in the comments here, or preferably email it to me so that I could either add it as default behavior for Airport Location or so that I could post it on the blog.

I also added “Exposé” to the “Hot Corners” action, to clarify things…

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