New Release … 0.60072

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• Fixed a bug with “Most Recently Used” snapshot applying properly

• Fixed a bug that prevented brightness from being properly set on multi-monitor systems.

• One of the most often requested features is here! Hardware DETECTION for snapshots! They’re designed to be MUCH simpler than the “contexts” of MarcoPolo. For Airport Location, I call them “Hardware Sets” – Right now it’ll detect monitors & USB devices. More to come…

If you have external hardware plugged in to your computer, the Hardware Set menu will show:

Each “Hardware Set” is defined by the unique peripherals that are plugged in and operational at the time the set is named.

Note that in the screenshot above, “NTSC/PAL, LaCie iamaKey, iPhone” represents a different set than if one of those were unplugged. So, for each grouping of peripherals plugged in, you can name a “set.”

After a set is named, it can be deleted at any time, or it’s contents can be verified. A hardware set I have is “Video Editing

DISCLAIMER – This is a completely new (and very significant) chunk of code. Please be patient as I work out the kinks in this very new “Hardware Set” system. I have tested it, and it seems to be relatively bug-free, but I haven’t found most of the bugs that users like yourself report back to me. If you find a bug, please report it to me by sending an email to airportlocation at

Also if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email too.

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