New Release … 0.60083


If you downloaded AL within the first 15 minutes of this post, your install will ONLY be in Portuguese. Please download again.

A few bugfixes:

  • ADDED Brazilian Portuguese as AL’s first localization! Thanks very much to Stavis Derek for his translation!
  • Addressed issues with non-admin users and the “Please Configure Snapshot” menu continuing to show
  • Addressed an issue with localizations and older systems

Persistent Bugs that I’m still working on:

  • Admin users who see “Please Configure/Update” snapshot in a loop (snapshot still works, but the menu cannot be seen) – If you are seeing this error, selectively remove actions from your snapshot until you can see the menu again. This “hiding” is caused by (null) returned by certain snapshot actions. Also, open the console – there is additional output that is particularly useful in finding what elements to disable. If this is happening to you, please email me what elements are causing trouble (seen in console)
  • Setting password for screen saver
  • SMB servers
  • Other localization issues

Also, AL users Travis & Norman pointed out to me that Location Services in OSX 10.6 have a bad leak that causes nearly a constant stream of 100kb network traffic. If you are not interested in this, you can turn location services off in the Security Prefpane, but AL’s map and address feature will be disabled.

Also, AL user Ulf pointed out that on modern MBPs, AL causes the NVIDIA graphics card to activate when it shows windows. This is unexpected, but I’m looking into it. However, I should point out that I have an older MBP and cannot afford a new one right now. This bug may have to wait until I’m in a position to test.

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