Coming Soon … German, Chinese (traditional & simplified) Localizations & More!!!

There are many exciting features coming for AL in the next few days. The first will be localizations for two of the most common languages for AL users – Chinese and German.

On another note, I have been working on a very exciting feature – Location-specific and hardware-specific snapshot configurations. As you know, AL currently only supports a single snapshot configuration. This is good for people who want to toggle a few settings back and forth and all locations, but it is less ideal for hardware sets.

With this new feature, any snapshot could be configured ANY WAY THAT YOU WANT. I’m very excited about this because it hugely magnify the overall usefulness of AL

I think that I’ll be slowing down releases (and packing them with more features each) since AL is relatively stable; very few users are reporting crashes these days.

As always, email questions to airportlocation at gmail.

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