New Release … 0.60101

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Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug introduced in the last version that caused System Preferences to open even if the “Sharing” snapshot action was not enabled. Keep in mind that the “sharing” snapshot element will open System Preferences if you have it enabled.
  • Fixed a bug with SMB servers not being properly stored. Thanks to all the users who helped me debug this issue. That being said, I do not have SMB servers to test on, so if you use this feature, please report back that it is, in fact, mounting and ejecting your servers.
  • Updated “About” window to include the new domain

Upcoming features:

  • FN / Media Keys
  • Geek Tool Groups (maybe)
  • Any other suggestions? Send them to:

  1. This version seems to be crashing after it’s finished scanning for networks. It also tries to open up Firefox on my system, it did that in the last version too. Could be related or two different bugs.

    • It would be an odd bug indeed to launch firefox randomly – have you check to make sure that Firefox is not within your snapshot?

      Do you have any console logs that you could send my way?

      • I have application stuff disabled. Also if it was in the snapshot, it would launch Firefox when I turn on the computer (which it doesn’t.) It only opens Firefox if AirPort Location is relaunched if it has been quit, crashes or if an update happens.

        How do I get logs to email to you?

      • (1) Open up the Console App: /Applications/Utilities/Console
        (2) Search (Spotlight box in right upper corner) for AirPortLocation
        (3) Select all of the entries that you see (CMD-A) and copy
        (4) They are copied as plain text, so you can just paste into an email.

        Sorry about the issue with Firefox – that’s really strange. I’ll have to check to logs to see exactly what could be causing that.


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