New Release … 0.60102

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Bug Fixes:

  • Added a “Crash Reporting” service that will ease the process of sending log files and preference files to me when things go awry with AirPort Location. If AL Crashes, then on next boot you should see a “Would you like to send an Error Report?” dialog box.  If a crash happens, then you’ll see this dialog:
  • More detailed email “Bug Reports” – include the last day’s worth of log entries, as well as Preference files.

  • Updated calendar logging to ignore “Unnamed Location”

Remember, AirPort Location is available in:

    • Nick
    • August 28th, 2010

    I love the app. But with this new version I’ve noticed that it launches Firefox when I wake up my computer. Chrome is my default browser and I confirmed that I do not have FF set to launch at open.

    • Another user reported this too! But for the life of me I can’t repeat it on my end.

      Could you send me a bug report by clicking on the “Send Bug Report…” menu icon? That should dump your logs and send me your configuration files. Thanks!

    • Nicholas – does firefox appear in your snapshot? The other user who reported this issue inadvertently included Firefox in his snapshot, under the “Applications” action.

      If this is the case, simply quit Firefox and update the snapshot. That should take care of the issue!

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