New Release … 0.60108

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Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with @invisible for Adium Status
  • Fixed an issue with Applications action causing crashes on machines where iChat, Adium, and Skype were used simultaneously (two or more)
  • Fixed an issue with scanning after an ethernet disconnection
  • Fixed an issue with Crash Reporting not attaching the last crash report
  • Improved logging for future versions so bug reports should include more infrormation.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing first-run crashes for new users (oops!)

I will not have a significant amount of time this week to release further updates, these were high priority fixes that I tried to get out as fast as I could. I appreciate everyone who has sent me bug reports! It makes these fixes MUCH easier.

    • David
    • October 12th, 2010

    This application looks to be a great idea, but the implementation is very confusing. The distinction of ‘Location’ and ‘Snapshot’ seems to offer a lot of flexibility for minor adjustments to settings, but it takes time to get one’s head around all of the menu choices related to the two. I have simple needs, just two completely different locations, but the program fails to work well for me. All I need to change is the Network Location and also the default printer. Despite a change of location and therefore a change of snapshot, the program does not set the default printer correctly (as shown in the snapshot), defeating much of the purpose of using it. Making Location synonymous with Snapshot might help a lot here and serve most users quite well. Needs far better documentation as well.

    • My apologies for the confusion. I am aware that the documentation is lacking, and it is something that I am trying to find time for, but as it stands right now I’m swamped. I’ll try to explain the difference and perhaps that will clear up the issues that you’re having. Else, we can debug the issue over email if you have indeed spotted a bug.

      Difference between Locations and Snapshots:

      Location – the name of the place you physically are (e.g. Work, Home, Carol’s Apartment, Starbucks on Main St., Joe’s Place)
      Snapshot – the name of a group of settings (e.g. Doing Work, Relaxing at Home, Watching Movies, At a Coffee Shop)

      If you’re like me, you’re going to have dozens of locations but only a few snapshots. Here’s a simple example: at “Work” I apply the “Doing Work” snapshot. At “Home” I apply the “Relaxing at Home” Snapshot.

      So, locations and snapshots are not synonymous, rather, they describe two different halves of AirPort Location – one the physical place, the other the snapshot to be applied there.

      For your case, I’d suggest this:

      Locations: “Home”, “Work”
      Snapshots “Network & Printer for Home”, “Network & Printer for Work”

      Make sure that for two physically different locations you have two different names (just like different houses have different street addresses). Also make sure that when you “Update” each snapshot, you’ve changed the settings (Network Location and Printer) to the correct state.

    • I do like the suggestion of combining Locations & Snapshots for a “simple” mode. I’ll add that to the feature list. Thanks!

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