New Release … 0.60113

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Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue causing crashes on some systems
  • Added Global keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+CMD+ = which brings up the snapshot selection window
  • Fixed an issue with the snapshot selection window displaying properly on certain machines
  • Fixed an logging calendar issue
  • Added Italian translation (thanks Stefano Valicchia); AL has 9 translations!

  • Added a new AND VERY USEFUL (yet complicated) Feature: Snapshot@Location.

Snapshot@Location Explained:

It is very common (and indeed the purpose) of AL users to apply a single snapshot to multiple locations:

Example: SNAPSHOT = Library; LOCATIONS: 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor

However, particularly in multi-floor buildings, we might want a different printer for each floor. The rest of the Library snapshot would be exactly the same, except we’d want different printers for different floors. Thus, it would be desirable to have a location-specific printer but not have to create three different snapshots that are pretty much equal in order to do that.

When we’re on the 1st floor, the default printer is fine:

But when we go to the 2nd Floor, the printer is no longer correct, even though the Library snapshot is otherwise correct.

So, when the snapshot menu is open, hold ALT to bring up the “Location Specific Snapshot Update” menu bar:

When we click this, it will save any snapshot elements that have changed (i.e. that are different from Library). In our case, that is ONLY the printer. Now, when we open the snapshot menu, there is a tiny blue mark, next to the printer:

So, next time we come to the 2nd Floor the Library snapshot will be applied – all except for the printer. The printer will be the 2nd floor printer instead. Instead of creating 3 different snapshots for only tiny differences in snapshots, we have 1 snapshot with location-specific “amendments.” Make sense?

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