New Release … 0.60118

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Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that showed Time Machine as enabled when it really was disabled
  • Fixed a bug that caused a “Please Update Snapshot” loop
  • Fixed a bug in the Keyboard Backlight action
  • Added option to list ALL of the locations for a particular snapshot (hold ALT in the “Current Snapshot” menu)
  • Added “delete other location” menu! FINALLY! Note: These new features added two new phrases, which I translated via Google translate so as not to bother the several translators who donated their time. If these are incorrect, please shoot me an email!

Future Fixes:

  • I have already found & fixed a bug relating to ethernet detection & non-english systems. This will be fixed in 0.60119 to be released tomorrow or the day after. If you would like this version before then, please shoot me an email.

Important Note:

This is beta software – I am trying to improve AL with every version, but sometimes my fixes won’t work perfectly on your specific machine.

    • Kelly Miller
    • October 9th, 2010

    My Airport Location App. shows me to be in Mecklenburg, N.C.; an area I’ve never even been to.I live in Central NY State. What’s up with this problem? Anyone else having the same or similar results?
    KM of NY

    • Depending on your area of the country, this is a common issue:

      (From the FAQs)
      Airport Location shows an approximate map and an approximate address (US Residents only) as a convenience feature; the map and address have nothing to do with your named locations or snapshots.

      AL pulls an approximate latitude and longitude from a service in OSX 10.6 called CoreLocation. This is the same service that the OS uses to automatically set the Time Zone if you have that feature enabled in the Time & Date preference pane. That being said, CoreLocation is an approximation, it is only as accurate as the SkyHook database it pulls from. It is far more likely that maps and addresses will be accurate for dense urban areas, but it may not be not exceptionally accurate for rural areas.

      But, it is important to remember that AL does not use latitude or longitude to set your location or snapshot. It uses it’s own clever system for recognizing the locations you visit.

    • Kelly Miller
    • October 9th, 2010

    Also, I’m running a Macbook Mac OS X Snow Leopard ver.10.6.4

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