Upcoming Fixes, 10.6.5, and Japanese Translation

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Upcoming Fixes:

  • There is an issue with ethernet detection and user-controlled AirPort power
  • MobileMe sync time will be added soon

Apple Updates to 10.6.5

Apple’s update to OSX Snow Leopard did not appear to affect AirPort Location in any way. Please report an issues that you have to me, but I doubt there will be any related to this update.

Japanese Translation

There are still several hundred downloads every day from Japan. Please, if you are fluent in both English and Japanese, please consider translating AirPort Location for your fellow japanese-speaking users.

    • JHNielson
    • November 11th, 2010

    I have been a long follower of this tool but unfortunately I just uninstalled it. As someone who travels all over the place, I love the concept of the tool and tried hard to work with it for the better part of a year. But the overly automated fashion of the tool has gotten in the way of it’s usability.

    I have 7 snapshots that i switch between. Here is the issues that finally made me cross over. I wanted to add 2 new folders to my dock. But when i dragged them to my dock, I have to update my snapshot – which means I have to make sure the right programs are started, the VPN, is connected, the brightness is set, the volume is set, and so on…. just to update the one snapshot. Then I had to repeat this process 5 times for the other snapshots I wanted to add the dock items to.

    This solution is in desperate need of a proper user interface – say a preference pane – where you can configure/update the snapshots as you need to. Drag and drop items, choose how things should run, make slight tweaks, etc.

    I just got way too tired of going somewhere I hadn’t been in a while and it all the sudden kicking off programs, changing dock items etc without having a way too easily update those snapshots.

    Please don’t get me wrong – I love the underlying concept of your product and will be happy to pay money for a version. It just needs a method of addressing theses issues for it to be usable for me.

    • swy
    • November 12th, 2010


    first of all, thanks for the app! I found that history logging with iCal doesn’t work for me even though “Log Location History in iCal” is checked and a calendar is selected. Also, “Enable Naming with Calendar Events” is also checked and a calendar is also selected (although I am not sure what this is for).

    Is there a way to download older builds? It might be helpful to figure out if this problem starts with a particular version.


    • Hello –

      Could send a bug report via “Send Bug Report…” menu item? That will definitely help me figure out why your computer isn’t properly recording locations.


        • swy
        • November 21st, 2010

        It’s working now… and have been for a while (even before the latest update). Not sure what happened, maybe it was because of what you mentioned… thanks for the help!

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