New Release … 0.60170

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Bug Fixes:

  • Added close confirmation to snapshot configuration window- if the user tries to close the box after changes have been made, AL asks for confirmation

  • Re-organized snapshot configuration menu – much easier to navigate

  • Added ability to hide and show menubar icon; toggle hide/show with CTRL+OPTION+equals, or when hidden, click on a growl alert.

Show/Hide Menubar Icon:

Show Snapshot Selection Window

  • Added ability to recognize PPP IP Addresses as well as Firewire-over-IP IP addresses for IP Address Detection
  • Fixed an issue with SMB servers with spaces in the name
  • Made “About” AirPort Location much more helpful

  • Split view for snapshot selection window

  • Added Unnamed location counter in snapshot menu
  • Fixed an application launch window that was showing for non-english AL installations
    • Nick
    • January 1st, 2011

    So far Airport Location has proved an intuitive and useful application. The only improvement i would suggest is to include an option in the snapshot whether to include “stealth mode” from the firewall prefpane. So far it only changes whether the firewall is on or off. To stay invisible at public places, but allow online play once at home for example. I’ve tried fiddling around with automator to no avail, and i’m not well versed in applescript. Could an option possibly be included within the snapshot elements?

    thanks & Happy New Year

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