New Release … 0.60185

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NOTE: There are a significant number of background changes in this release. If you have issues, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.

Bug Fixes:

  • NEW ACTION: Toggle global Growl Alerts
  • NEW ACTION: Stealth Mode for firewall
  • NEW FEATURE: Choose which snapshot is applied if the location is undeterminable.
  • NEW FEATURE: Detect when another app is fullscreen and apply a snapshot in the background

FULLSCREEN DETECTION – is a pretty neat thing if you can create a clever background snapshot. For instance on my computer I have a snapshot entitled “Fullscreen” which sets the keyboard backlight to zero, turns off growl alerts, and lastly dims the brightness to 75%. Thats it.

So, lets say I’m watching a movie. When I make it fullscreen my keyboard light turns off, my brightness dims and all growl alerts are silenced. The cool part is that no matter what application I’m in, AL can recognize it. That includes Netflix, VLC, YouTube, etc. Anything that can become fullscreen will trigger that snapshot.

  • Completely New Keyboard backlight set/get methods! Now it works and sets exactly as you’d expect for dark locations. No more fighting with the OS for control!
  • Changed from geonames to google maps for Reverse Geocaching – Street addresses available to non-US residents! (and is MUCH more accurate)
  • Updated dectection algorithm
  • Updated italian translation
  • Fixed some small memory leaks
  • Addressed an irritating iChat bug that if an internet connection is not found, iChat continues to force itself open for a minute or more.
  • Fixed an issue where AL tried to mount HDs didn’t exist
  • Fixed applications action for showing applications
  • Fixed an issue with IP address locations not deleting properly
  • Removed leading whitespace from snapshot menu
  • Removed “Beta” tag, although AL still has active development, I haven’t received reports (or experienced) crashes for the last 4-5 versions
  • Moved “Check for Update…” to main menu for easier access

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