New Release … 0.60193

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NOTE: Wi-Fi detection has changed slightly, as it can now be turned on or off completely. Make sure to enable Wi-Fi detection after installing this update!

Bug Fixes:

  • NEW FEATURE: Bluetooth Proximity Lock – select a bluetooth device to monitor (I use my iPhone) and when that device is out of range, computer locks. Device must have been paired with computer at least once, but does not have to be connected to work.
  • Fixed a silly bug that cased crashes after fullscreen
  • Fixed an issue with Applications action that hid the frontmost app
  • Fixed an issue with Expose and fullscreen detection
  • Fixed an issue with deleting locations
  • Removed some verbose loggs
  • Added “Ethernet Status Only” detection method
  • Added “Wi-Fi Status Only” detection method
  • Moved all dectection-related options to a new “Detection Settings” menu
  • Fixed an issue with “Wake on Bluetooth” functionality turning on Bluetooth unexpectedly
    • Jason Galanter
    • January 17th, 2011

    Any way to disable the bluetooth lock, I left home without my phone and I am stuck in a loop where I unlock the system and then airportlocation relocks the system… ugh.

    • Either turn bluetooth off or click on “Enable Bluetooth Proximity Scan” menu (even though it has a submenu);

      I realize that there is an issue with validly unlocking the device. I am working on an emergency fix right now. I hope this message finds you well – apologies for this! I know it’s probably a pain!

    • yum9me
    • January 18th, 2011

    Whats the difference between “Wi-Fi Status Only” and “Distinct Wi-Fi Connections” and what do they mean? They seem a bit ambiguous.

    • Wi-Fi status only will detect ONLY if there is a wi-fi connection, whereas Distinct Wi-Fi connections will detect different wi-fi connections. In plain english, the difference is: “when my wifi is on and connected run snapshot …. ” or “when my wifi is on and connected nearby networks here run snapshot …”

      The same is true for “Ethernet Status Only” and “Distinct Ethernet Connections”

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