AirPort Location reviewed by @HighTechDad

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I’d much appreciate a vote for AirPort Location in TUAW’s “Best Software of 2010” contest. Vote here:


Michael Sheehan of and @HighTechDad recently reviewed AirPort Location! Got some great suggestions from him that I’ll be incorporating into upcoming releases. Thanks!

I think this is a very creative use of the AirPort/WiFi/Network scanning components of your Mac and really does provide value. I used to set up certain applications to launch when I logged into my computer. Now I simply let AirPort Location “figure out” where I am and then my computer environment automatically comes up. I think there is a lot of potential in this application (which is FREE as I mentioned) and I’m looking forward to updates that may come. I am going to continue to configure and test out different scenarios and dive a bit deeper into some of the (under) documented items in the configuration.

I would think that Operating Systems developers (hey Apple, Microsoft and those tons of Linux Distro folks) would jump on board on building this type of functionality directly into the Operating System. It’s not only useful, it’s also Smart Computing and I don’t think that it is really rocket science (although I don’t think that I could program it – grin). I do expect this type of functionality to become more prevalent in mobile computing devices like laptops, netbooks and even tablets

Michael Sheehan

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