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I’d much appreciate a vote for AirPort Location in TUAW’s “Best Software of 2010″ contest. Vote here:

Note: App Preferences has a small risk of borking preferences for a particular application. Always make back ups before you run experimental features. Reminder though, as with all free software, AL is provided without any warranty either express or implied and you’re running it at your own risk.

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved Proximity Lock to further prevent false lockouts
  • NEW FEATURE: (WARNING: HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL) Application Preferences of ANY traditional application. Essentially, this saves the entire preference file for any application and re-writes it on snapshot execution. Such file operations always have a small risk of data loss. Use at your own risk.Some Notes on App Preferences:
    (1) The more apps you select, the more AL will slow down and the more memory it will take.
    (2) After you list your apps in the Snapshot menu, you must hit “Update Snapshot” to save the actual settings. Two step process.
    (3) I would not recommend this with any application that has a large set of preferences (i.e. iTunes)
    (4) This only works for apps who store their prefs in the ~/Library/Preferences/ folder. AL will filter out/ignore apps that it cannot modify.
  • Other small bugfixes.



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