Apply AL Snapshots Immediately with Alfred

Personally, I’m not sure how OSX or Windows users can get along without a quick launch application. My personal favorites are Alfred for Mac and Launchy for Windows (although I haven’t regularly used Windows for about two years).
Besides finding files and launching apps my favorite features of these are customized queries with keywords. For instance to search IMDB for me, you’d type: imdb andrew freyer to find out that I’m not listed at all.

Alfred allows custom keyword searches too. By copying a search URL and adding the token {query}, you can use your application launcher to search any website you want. A little known feature of AirPort Location is that it responds to a request for the url al://Snapshot Name. When this URL is requested from any application, AirPort Location will immediately apply the named snapshot. For instance, this would apply your snapshot named Home:

Here’s how to use alfred to set this up:

  1. Open Alfred Preferences, and activate the “Features” section.
  2. Click “Custom Searches” on the left and click the “[+]” sign to add a custom search
  3. For the search URL: “al://{query}“, for the Display text: “Apply AirPort Location Snapshot…” for the keyword, “al

Using this method, you can launch any snapshot just from your keyboard using your favorite application launcher. You can launch your movies snapshot when you want to watch movies, or your working snapshot when you need to be distraction free.

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