I want to start fresh. How do I uninstall AirPort Location?

To start fresh by deleting all the AirPort Location databases, first quit AirPort Location and navigate Finder to your Username’s library preferences folder: /Users/my_user_name/Library/Preferences/. Once here, use Spotlight to search for: com.andrewjfreyer. This will reveal at most six files named like com.andrewjfreyer.AL-Snapshots.plist. The files you should delete are:

  • com.andrewjfreyer.AirportLocation.plist (AL’s program-wide preferences)
  • com.andrewjfreyer.AL-Snapshots.plist (All your snapshots)
  • com.andrewjfreyer.AL-EthernetHistory.plist (Ethernet Locations)
  • com.andrewjfreyer.AL-WifiHistory.plist (Wi-Fi Locations)
  • com.andrewjfreyer.AL-IPHistory.plist (IP Address Locations)
  • com.andrewjfreyer.AL-Hardware.plist (Hardware Sets)

Whats the difference between “Wi-Fi Status Only” and “Distinct Wi-Fi Connections” and what do they mean?

Wi-Fi status only will detect ONLY if there is a wi-fi connection, whereas Distinct Wi-Fi connections will detect different wi-fi connections. In plain english, the difference is: “when my wifi is on and connected run snapshot …. ” or “when my wifi is on and connected nearby networks here run snapshot …”

The same is true for “Ethernet Status Only” and “Distinct Ethernet Connections”

I just downloaded AL for the first time, what do I do?

AirportLocation will ask you to name your current location. Set a name for it like “Home” or “Work” or “At a Hotel.”

Next, we need to configure our snapshots. Under the Snapshot Settings menu or under the snapshot viewing menu you can click “Configure Snapshot Elements.” Select the actions that you want to record in each snapshot and hit “Save.”

Now, we need to give a name to the current snapshot. Go to the “Current Snapshot” menu and “Set Name of this Snapshot.”  Avoid naming your snapshots and locations the same. Once you have named your snapshot, you’re ready to go!

Next time you’re at a new location, you will be asked to name it. If you want, you can modify your computer’s settings and then “Create & Name New Snapshot.”

Why does the snapshot menu says “Update…” instead of showing the snapshot contents?

There are several reasons that this could happen. First, you might have recently upgraded Airport Location and new features are enabled. The snapshot should be updated to take advantage of these new features.

It is also possible that you recently changed your snapshot congfiguration. Whenever you change the snapshot configuration, AL will ask you to update your snapshot. This is because a snapshot only contains information for the enabled actions. If you enable additional actions, the snapshots will have to be updated to include the new actions.

Why are my approximate map and address so wrong?

Airport Location shows an approximate map and an approximate address (US Residents only) as a convenience feature; the map and address have nothing to do with your named locations or snapshots.

AL pulls an approximate latitude and longitude from a service in OSX 10.6 called CoreLocation. This is the same service that the OS uses to automatically set the Time Zone if you have that feature enabled in the Time & Date preference pane. That being said, CoreLocation is an approximation, it is only as accurate as the SkyHook database it pulls from. It is far more likely that maps and addresses will be accurate for dense urban areas, but it may not be not exceptionally accurate for rural areas.

But, it is important to remember that AL does not use latitude or longitude to set your location or snapshot. It uses it’s own clever system for recognizing the locations you visit.

Will you support other languages besides english?

Currently Airport Location supports multiple languages:

What is a Snapshot@Location?

It is very common (and indeed the purpose) of AL users to apply a single snapshot to multiple locations:

Example: SNAPSHOT = Library; LOCATIONS: 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor

However, particularly in multi-floor buildings, we might want a different printer for each floor. The rest of the Library snapshot would be exactly the same, except we’d want different printers for different floors. Thus, it would be desirable to have a location-specific printer but not have to create three different snapshots that are pretty much equal in order to do that.

When we’re on the 1st floor, the default printer is fine:

But when we go to the 2nd Floor, the printer is no longer correct, even though the Librarysnapshot is otherwise correct.

So, when the snapshot menu is open, hold ALT to bring up the “Location Specific Snapshot Update” menu bar:

When we click this, it will save any snapshot elements that have changed (i.e. that are different from Library). In our case, that is ONLY the printer. Now, when we open the snapshot menu, there is a tiny blue mark, next to the printer:

So, next time we come to the 2nd Floor the Library snapshot will be applied – all except for the printer. The printer will be the 2nd floor printer instead. Instead of creating 3 different snapshots for only tiny differences in snapshots, we have 1 snapshot with location-specific “amendments.”

I think I found a bug, what should I email?

Please click “Send Bug Report” from the AirPort Location menu.

It seems like Airport Location is quite slow when launching applications. What gives?

This is a known issue. Not so much a bug, but an issue. I’ve tried multiple methods of launching applications but when push comes to shove, launching applications is process intensive and therefore slow. I’ll keep everyone updated on progress towards quicker application launching.

Why aren’t you supporting _________ feature?

There are many features that I simply wouldn’t think of on my own. If you have a snapshot feature that you would like added into Airport Location, please send me an email. There are many features though that require admin privileges (for instance, sharing preferences). I’ve been trying to avoid snapshot actions that require admin privileges because automating them seems to thwart the security that Apple intended when they were made admin-only.

Can I have a prefpane instead?

This is one that I get asked a lot. Personally I don’t think that there are enough options to justify a pref pane. It seems that most people who want a prefpane just want AL out of the menu bar. I might split the difference and allow the menu to hide. I haven’t decided this one yet.

Can you make location finding faster?

I have tried from day 1, but it seems like the answer might be no. You see, AL has to tell the AirPort (Wi-Fi) card to scan. Each scan takes the card about 3-5 seconds. I haven’t found a way to speed this up.

Can you make snapshot execution faster?

Yes, probably. I’m constantly working to make snapshots execute faster. Keep in mind that the fewer snapshot actions that are enabled, the faster the snapshot will execute.

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