Update on Progress…. Delays in Updates.

Hello all.

The semester is winding down and my scholastic commitments are ratcheting up. I have not had any time for the last month or so for work on AirPort Location 6 or 7, but by the middle of May I will have ample time once again. I am aware that there are a few issues plaguing AL6, and I am very appreciative of the submitted bug reports. Keep them coming!

Anyhow, I’ll respond to email questions, but work on AL6 & 7 has stopped for about another month until the school year finishes.


Apply AL Snapshots Immediately with Alfred

Personally, I’m not sure how OSX or Windows users can get along without a quick launch application. My personal favorites are Alfred for Mac and Launchy for Windows (although I haven’t regularly used Windows for about two years).
Besides finding files and launching apps my favorite features of these are customized queries with keywords. For instance to search IMDB for me, you’d type: imdb andrew freyer to find out that I’m not listed at all.

Alfred allows custom keyword searches too. By copying a search URL and adding the token {query}, you can use your application launcher to search any website you want. A little known feature of AirPort Location is that it responds to a request for the url al://Snapshot Name. When this URL is requested from any application, AirPort Location will immediately apply the named snapshot. For instance, this would apply your snapshot named Home:

Here’s how to use alfred to set this up:

  1. Open Alfred Preferences, and activate the “Features” section.
  2. Click “Custom Searches” on the left and click the “[+]” sign to add a custom search
  3. For the search URL: “al://{query}“, for the Display text: “Apply AirPort Location Snapshot…” for the keyword, “al

Using this method, you can launch any snapshot just from your keyboard using your favorite application launcher. You can launch your movies snapshot when you want to watch movies, or your working snapshot when you need to be distraction free.

New Release … 0.60212

Download Most Recent Version

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for addresses with special characters not showing properly


New Release … 0.60211

Download Most Recent Version

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved Proximity Lock to further prevent false lockouts
  • If you have Volume enabled, AL will automatically mute before sleep to prevent ANY sound from occurring on wake
  • Removed some rather verbose logs when in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed an issue with Bootcamp Applications being launched via parallels
  • Fixed an issue with “Immediate Time machine Backups” not showing if Time Machine action was not enabled

Begun work on AirPortLocation 0.700

As AirPortLocation matures, it becomes necessary every now and then to completely re-write major sections of the program. When I first released AL about 9 months ago, it was barely version 0.5, but now, some 200 versions after the first major re-write of 0.6, another re-write is in order.

I have begun work on a much leaner, a much faster, a much improved AirPortLocation. I should note, however, that this is going to take a significant amount of time. I estimate that I would be able to release the alpha versions of 0.700 in maybe April or May.

This is not to say that I have stopped work on AL 0.6+; in fact almost the opposite. I’m going to continue the regular work on AL 0.6+ as I prepare 0.7 for release.

As always –  any and all feature suggestions for the 0.7+ release are welcome and encouraged.

Reminder: Enable Wi-Fi Detection if your location is “Undeterminable”

As a reminder, as of a few versions ago I enabled a feature called “Wi-Fi Detection” which allows AL to detect a difference between “airport is on” and “this area’s nearby wifi”. The naming convention is:

“just detect whether wifi is on & connected” = “Wi-Fi Status Only”

“as AL always has, intelligently detect my position based on the available access points” = “Distinct Wi-Fi Connections”

But, in either case, if your location is “undetermined” after the recent updates, you’ll have to enable Wi-Fi detection:

New Release … 0.60207

Download Most Recent Version

I’d much appreciate a vote for AirPort Location in TUAW’s “Best Software of 2010″ contest. Last chance to Vote!! http://vhm.me/4uos

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved Proximity Lock to further prevent false lockouts
  • NEW SNAPSHOT ACTION: Socks Proxy AirPort
  • NEW SNAPSHOT ACTION: Socks Proxy Ethernet
  • New SNAPSHOT ACTION (included with desktop): Random ordering desktop changing
  • New SNAPSHOT ACTION (included with desktop): Sequntial ordering desktop changing
  • New SNAPSHOT ACTION (included with desktop): Desktop changing interval
  • New SNAPSHOT ACTION: Opaque Menubar. A more straighforward phrasing than “Translucent Menubar”
  • Other small bugfixes.
  • Fixed an issue with “Restart now” not working
  • Small memory leak fixed
  • Added “warnings” to the growl alert types – if you don’t want to see the AL warnings, you don’t have to!
  • Added “detect all network changes” to detection settings. Disable this if you’re running a third-party VPN like OpenVPN so that AL does not scan each and every time you connect
  • Added “screensaver on device absence to Bluetooth Proximity Lock”; NOTE that this does not automatically enable a password.